Kingdom Earl Marshal Officer Roster

all email addresses end in

Earl Marshal Morien MacBain email ae.marshal
Rattan Marshal Gabriel Hawkes email ae.heavyweapons
Region 1 Heavy Weapons Deputy Gareth Kincaid email region1heavyweapons
Region 2 Heavy Weapons Deputy Lord Haldan Rauthkinn email region2heavyweapons
Region 3 Heavy Weapons Deputy Cormacc mac Gilla Brigde email region3heavyweapons
Region 4 Heavy Weapons Deputy Arddenn Scot of Clan Scot email region4heavyweapons
Region 5 Heavy Weapons Deputy Fridrich Flußmüllner email region5heavyweapons
Steel Fighting Experiment Deputy Malcolm MacEoghainn email ae.steelfightingexperiment
Combat Archery Marshal Zoe Akropolitina email ae.combatarchery
Siege Marshal Chebe email ae.siege
Youth Fencing Provost Irene von Schmetterling email youthfencing
Youth Combat Marshal Metheus Weasel email youthcombat
Fencing Marshal Gabrielle de Winter email ae.rapier
Region 1
Fencing Marshal
Donnan MacDubhsidhe email region1rapier
Region 2
Fencing Marshal
Cyrus Augur email region2rapier
Region 3
Fencing Marshal
Deirdre Kildare email region3rapier
Region 4
Fencing Marshal
Jacob of Dunmore email region4rapier
Region 5
Fencing Marshal
Michael Gladewyne email region5rapier
Cut & Thrust Marshal Elena D’Artois email cutandthrust
Cut & Thrust Marshal Simon Caminante email cutandthrust.deputy
Deputy Fencing Marshal Po Silvertop the Rogue email ae.deputy.rapier1
Deputy Fencing Marshal Elena D’Artois email ae.deputy.rapier2
To email both Rapier Deputies email ae.deputy.rapier
Archer General Juan Miguel Cezar email ae.targetarchery
Deputy Archer General Juan Miguel Cezar email archery.deputy
Region 1 Deputy Robert the Grey email region1targetarchery
Region 2 Deputy Alfonso de Santo Domingo email region2targetarchery
Region 3 Deputy Brada AEthelwald email region3targetarchery
Region 4 Deputy Caleb Reynolds email region4targetarchery
Region 5 Deputy Snorri skyti Bjarnarson email region5targetarchery
Pennsic Archery Deputy Robert the Grey email pennsic.archery
Archery Scorekeeper Robert the Gray  email archery.scorekeeper
Thrown Weapons
Antonio de Luna email ae.thrownweapons
Thrown Weapons
Anastasie de Lamoure email thrownweapons.deputy
Thrown Weapons
Region 1 Marshal
Grimolfr Ormalfrson email region1thrownweapons
Thrown Weapons
Region 2 Marshal
Jorundr hinn Rotinn email region2thrownweapons
Thrown Weapons
Region 3 Marshal
Tigernach mac Cathail email region3thrownweapons
Thrown Weapons
Region 4 Marshal
Antonio de Luna email region4thrownweapons
Thrown Weapons
Region 5 Marshal
Sigvaldi the Ram email region5thrownweapons
Thrown Weapons
Tigernach mac Cathail email thrownweapons.scorekeeper
Equestrian Marshal Ysabeau Tiercelin email ae.equestrian
Kingdom Authorization Clerk Deirdre Scot of Clann Scot email ae.authorization
Kingdom Minister of Lists Aemelia Soteria email ae.mol